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Caesar is looking for home! He is very sad; for many years, he lives on a chain. About a year ago, he lived at a yard of a construction site and then he was taken to the place with the rest of the dogs in Vratsa. A little later his virtual adopters supposedly took him in, while he was waiting for a home, but he was still chained! A few time ago, Caesar reappeared downtown Vratsa – painfully skinny and scared, after he ran away from his foster home. His “foster” adopters didn’t even care enough to let us or the other organization know that he was missing…

At the moment, Caesar is back at the place with the rest of the dogs in Vratsa, back on the chain, waiting for his happy ending. He has never had a home; he doesn’t know how coziness and peacefulness feel; he only knows the slave life of leaving on a chain, chained to his doghouse… The only good thing in his life are the walks with the organization volunteers and once they are done, he goes back to his miserable existence.

Caesar is about 6-7 years old, neutered, chipped and vaccinated. His character is a little bit specific and not appealing to all people, but after all this is not a reason not to be given a chance to him to find home. Due to old problems with his front legs he can't be walked for too long because he gets tired.
Cesar is a very intelligent dog and no matter how unbelievable it may seems to many people, he has the potential to be a pet as long as he find the right person.
If he finds a home with yard and has the opportunity to go in a warm place when it cold outside, he could live happily and peacefully.
He doesn't need long walks,lux or expensive food. He just needs a little bit of love, attention, release from the chain and calmness.
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