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Meet Bobbie. A few months ago, his owner died and now he’s alone. He is not on the street and there are other dogs around him, since he currently lives at the temporary place with the other dogs. However, he is alone because his person is not there and his home is gone… The few minutes of attention that he gets, when he is fed and let out of the cage are not enough. In order for Bobbie to be happy, he needs a new home and an adopter! From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that will not spend his life waiting and in solitude! Bobbie is not young, he doesn’t have a bread, he is not small, but that doesn’t make him less worthy of being a pet, right? He is an incredible dog – clever, beautiful, and even impressive due to his size; he has an expressive look and eyes saying “Please, adopt me!”
He has a nice character, loves to be hugged, and is calm and slow. He walks perfectly on a leash, has hygienic habits, and he doesn’t even pee in the small cage, but patiently waits to go out.
He gets along with other dogs – both male and female.