We sent Amy to England but besides the great news there is another one which is not good- we took Fannie to a vet examination and it turned out she really has a problem with her back legs ???? She proved she is very agile while she was on different mountain trips together with her foster owner . However, we wanted to take her to a vet examination because sometimes when it’s cold her walk is a little bit stiff. We wanted to know whether she has a problem and if ‘yes’ what this problem is. They made her a specialized examination and four x-rays under anesthetic to be as clear as possible and with a good quality . It turned out that Fannie has a hip dysplasia , most likely she was born with it. Despite this the vet’s prognosis is not bad in terms of Fannie’s overall health and physical condition. She is not large, so a healthy diet combined with supplements intake could provide her many more years happy life without serious complains.
There are food supplements which are good to be taken by her and if she ever starts feeling a serious discomfort she could be given the appropriate painkillers. Joint operation at this stage is not recommended or urgent.
We hope Fannie will not become less likable or suitable for a pet in the eyes of the people and that even with her problem she’ll catch someone’s heart ❤️