On 07/07/2018, one of us found Nia abandoned on the road to Chiren by a soulless person. She was at a street leading towards God’s bridge, a traditional place to abandon animals by the locals… She was alone, dying from starvation and horror, dehydrated and almost given up on life. She was full of fleas; her fur and skin was in a very bad condition. It turned out that it was dermatitis. There wasn’t a shelter spot for her, therefore, she went to the asphalt plant by Chiren, where she was left in a wagon, until we found a solution. There’s a volunteer who was supposed to keep an eye on her. In about a week, when he wasn’t working, the rest of the workers threw her out of the wagon, because they were afraid that they would get sick, even though it was explained to them multiple times that the disease wasn’t threatening for other animals or people… The volunteer had a lot of troubles finding Nia, who was dying of fear, hiding in the bushes. At that point, our Natalka and him took her in their home, even though there was a lack of space and they already had many adopted animals. It’s been two months since then. The result of their care, love and the medications is obvious, Nia is healthy with shiny cashmere soft fur and she even has an annual vaccination. The little lady is ready to look for a permanent home! She loves human attention and company; she loves walks and games. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. Nia knows how to walk on a leash too.