A little bit about us

We founded Animal help – Vratsa in March 2016. Our dream is that there are no stray cats and dogs on the streets of Bulgaria. It’s clear it won’t happen soon, but we’re trying to at least help to reduce the number. Our goal is to assist so there are less shot, poisoned, captured in traps and killed wild animals; pets, cats and dogs, to live well opposed to being tortured, chained like slaves or used as breeding machines to make money.

How can we help with this?

The cats and dogs we’re taking care of are rescued from the streets. Once we take them in, we chip, vaccinate, neuter them and look for homes for them. We inform and spread ideas about the necessity of castration, responsible treatment of animals, the need of loving care for pets and humane attitude towards stray animals. Our wish is for people to realize the reason for the stray animals existence.

We encourage adoption, not the breeding and purchasing of animals, as well as any form of volunteering. We try to convey that people shouldn’t only be kind to cats and dogs, but also to all animals and birds, to respect their right of normal life and to consider the violence behind wearing fur and hunting. Our organization isn’t in charge of the place with the dogs in Vratsa anymore. Unfortunately, we have no place to take in animals, except in our homes, but the space is limited. In addition to foster care, we help any animal in need through our FB page, which is quite popular.

We also assist with neutering of stray animals and pets – donations for the neutering of a single animal a month still makes a difference – it lowers the chances of more stray animals being born. When we have an animal for neutering, we post on our page. Part of our permanent pets are the dog Rita and the cat Misha, both of which are handicapped.

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