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22 kg.





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Animal Friends-Vratsa

Princess Tyra with her sad and expressive eyes is looking for home! Apart from being charming, she’s is also very good and loving. Playful, smart and cute, she’s ready to be a pet. Tyra went through a lot, she’s not on the street anymore and will never be unless when she’s taken for a walk. This is not enough, however, so she needs to find a real home!
Tyra was abandoned in Vratsa during the summer, she grew up, no one liked or offered her home and slowly the life of a stray dog crashed her. Many people know her from the central city streets- standing sad or following with hope someone, who had told her a kind word or pet her. She was very sad, lost weight, she was limping.....
An English lady was moved from Tyra’s story and promised to try finding her home and help with the medical expenses and preparation. Tyra was on a stationary, know she’s with me , but she doesn’t feel good, doesn’t live in good conditions, doesn’t receive enough attention. She has to find new home rather soon and start living the life she dreams of-the one of a pet that has family, bed and safety.
Tyra is around one year old, 22 kg, tall, but not extremely big. She’s castrated, vaccinated, with a microchip. She walks on a leash, learns easily, she’s very smart. She loves playing and being taken for a walk. She gets along with other dogs as long as they are not dominant. In her first foster home, she was living with a female dog, now she’s living with Johnny and they get along well.