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Animal Friends-Vratsa

“Hello, my name is Martina and as you can see, I’m a beautiful little miss, who is looking for a home and her person!
Some time ago, when I was even younger, someone took me away from mammy’s warmth and left me in a box on the street. It was raining, there was a thunder storm, and I was extremely scared, since it was the first time I was away from my mom. If it wasn’t for a nice lady, who saw me and took me home, I probably wouldn’t be alive.”
Martina lives in a temporary home, clean, fed, social, and playful. She is parasites-free, has hygienic habits, and will be vaccinated soon. There’s no danger of her going back on the street, but she can’t stay at her temporary home forever, because she’s not the only one in there; there are more animals in the house, adopted and ones looking for homes.
Martina is looking for a forever home and a serious adopter!
If you see sweet Martina as a your future pet and you’re a serious person, who will take care of her with much love and responsibility, if you realize that animals are permanently adopted and not until they grow up or get sick, please contact us!
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