Until recently, we thought that Kei is a male cat, who is not developing fast enough. We know him since he was a baby and he always looked like a boy… Until he was in heat… Then we figured out that he was a female. She is already spayed and has a new name. She used to be called Murray and now she is Kei – a gentle Japanese name, which means “blessed.” So today, Kei is looking for a permanent home! She is still quite cautions around people, but we believe that she’ll adjust quickly, one she receives more attention and love!

Kei is the last survived of the kitties, born and living behind a building at Dubnika residential area in Vratsa. Five babies was poisoned at this place, Kitty 2 was adopted and died because falling from balcon, only Kei and Kitty 2 are save and soul.
She is vaccinated, microchipped, castrated, has euro passport. Socialized good with other cats, still little scared from people but she learn and used fast. Kei is very smart and cute kitty, wil be purrfect pet!