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Terrier mix




25 kg





Born in:



Animal Friends-Vratsa

We introduce you Alf ! He hasn't appeared on Vratsa streets from the Melmac planet. He is a victim of abandonment by cruel people due to which he became homeless. There's nothing extraterrestrial in him except his vast goodness and trust in people.
Alf lives in one of the Vratsa neighborhoods where there are people who feed and like him but at the same time there are many who don't want " lousy dogs" near their " beautiful" block buildings around which there's so much trash and dirtiness for which Alf as well as other animals like him are definitely not responsible. People living in the block buildings are the ones to blame.
Alf is very charming, smart, social and loving , he gets along with other dogs- even with dominant males , he likes every kind of people including children . He did nothing to deserve all of the offenses and bullying he faces with every day. Yes, there are many dogs like Alf and all of them need help and homes, in which they rarely go. Nevertheless it is right to give a chance to them via posting, sharing and commenting their stories and pictures.
We're sure Alf would be a wonderful, thankful pet and a real friend! It is enough someone to notice and give this chance to him.
Alf needs a temporary or a permanent home!