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Animal Friends-Vratsa

Coffee looking for a home!
When we saw for a first time, he had a very tight rope around the neck, was extremely skinny and hungry. At that point, we managed to cut the rope, feed him a bit, and notice the horrible wound on his neck. 2 days ago, we were told that he showed up at the other end of the city. At the moment, he is safe, we were afraid that if he stayed at the street, the bad people who tied him with the rope and kept him without food would find him again, chain, and torture him again. The important thing is that he managed to get away and ran away from that miserable life, because in Bulgaria dogs remain chained in hot and cold during their entire life. They never know what means to run or walk for longer than a meter-or two without the chains stopping you…
We named him Coffee ❤ We took him to the vet, he had 4D test, which was negative, one vaccine and we got him anti-parasites medications. Wounds are heals. He will be castrated soon.
Coffee needs forever home. He will be a great pet! He’s extremely energetic, smart and good! He walks well on a leash, loves people’s company, being petted, and paid attention to. He’s still very young, about a year old. If someone sees in his charming snout their next pet, it will be great!