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Animal Friends-Vratsa

Kitty is one of the kitties, born and living behind a building at Dubnika residential area in Vratsa. A month, month and a half ago, we managed to capture her for an adopter, who didn’t follow up on it and gave up on the adoption. She got very scared when she got caught (she had been a frightened and careful kitty to start with). After the horror she went through when we captured her, we decided not to put her back on the street. She lived at a place for a while, but there weren’t people there constantly, so she couldn’t socialize. Fortunately, a lady who already adopted another kitty, Chester, straight from the street, opened her home for the little baby, so she could get used to people and other cats, while looking for a permanent home. The lady called her Kitty, after her sister who fell down from the balcony and dyed after being adopted. The little beauty is getting more and more social and now she’s seeks human contact. Also, she and Chester are best friends and accomplices in mischievous baby games.