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Animal Friends-Vratsa

Rimo is looking for a permanent home! Rimo is an incredibly smart and charming dog, which craves his own home and person! He is extremely social, playful, and cute; he likes people of all ages. He gets along with other dogs, especially with female ones. We are not sure yet how he interacts with cats. Rimo walks well on a leash and loves being outside. He already has the habit, as long as he has the opportunity, to run and walk around by himself. For this reason, however, if he is adopted in a home with a yard, he should be watched or the yard should have a high and stable fence. Rimo is about two years old, vaccinated, castrated. He is of an average height and weight of 26kg. There is a small detail, which makes Rimo special; he had Struvite crystals in his system. That’s why, he underwent an antibiotic treatment and ate a special urinary food for a period of time. At the moment, everything is fine and there’s no trace of the problem, but in order for Rimo to remain healthy, he needs to be on a special diet аt least 10-15 days a month. Following such a regiment isn’t impossible, however, we are aware that even dogs lacking any problems meet challenges when up for adoption. This makes us concerned of how and when Rimo will steal someone’s heart…
Here’s Rimo’s story… or at least, the part known to us. Homeless with the right to live – Rimo was yet another stray dog; we begged for your help with a home or temporary shelter for him. He was abandoned in Chelopek, a village close to Vratsa. Even cities are dangerous for stray animals, but in villages, they almost don’t have a chance! When he first appeared on the street, Rimo was taken by a shepherd, who took him along with the sheep and fed him. In the beginning of the winter, however, the shepherd “nobly” gave up Rimo, refusing to take care of him, since there was no longer need for a dog… Rimo wandered the streets, begging for food and attention, but mostly he was chased away. Nobody wanted to adopt him. If he’s not taken in, he’d be yet another missing dog.