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Animal Friends-Vratsa

Wolfy is one of Vratsa’s homeless puppies. About five months ago, he was abandoned in one of Vratsa’s neighborhoods. There were people who didn’t want and chased him. There were people who fed and loved him, but no one took him home. At that time, Wolfy was a baby... After awhile, someone attempted to poison him. A man, who was feeding him, told us that he took him to the nearby village to die, which is against logic - why there, why not to the vet? So for a few months, we thought that Wolfy was already a star, until he came back. He’s the only one who knows what he’s been through and how he survived. The important thing is that he’s alive, that he needs to find a home, and to get away from the street, where he almost lost his life once. He’s good, social, extremely smart, and despite everything he’s been through, he loves humans and likes being around the children playing outside. Wolfy is about six months old. If anyone wants to adopt or foster him, we will help with his neutering and vaccinations. Will Wolfy find a savior? Will anyone fall in love with this beautiful young dog, who looks like a baby wolf? Wolfy is looking for a temporary or permanent home.