Malek is already castrateda and he start to looking for permanent home!

Malek (Tiny) was abandoned with dermatitis out of a village, close to a concrete plant. Even though we tried to explain that dermatitis is not dangerous or contagious for people and other dogs, he was chased away and threatened with murder. We searched for a foster home for him and fortunately Malek found his savior. He currently lives at her home, where he is going through treatment and getting ready to be adopted. He went through a course of Simparica and baths with medicated shampoo and now he is healthy and has brand new fur.
Malek is incredibly cute! He is very short, but has a large full of love dog heart!
He loves people and their company, attention, and hugs. He is very smart, sensitive, and gets attached easily. Malek doesn’t like to be alone and he wants to be with his foster mom all the time .
He likes walks and games and gets along with other dogs. Due to his tiny size, he is perfect for small spaces.