When we first met Dara, she was living behind an apartment building in Vratsa along with a few other female cats. All of them already had kittens. Some of the people from the building liked them and were feeding them, however, that was it – food thrown at cats from the balconies, without taking them in or at least help with spaying them. In adding, there were pathetic killers, who hated the cats. Initially, the idea was to spay the mothers and to find homes for the babies, but after most of the kittens were poisoned, we had to get them of the street. For better or worse, we managed to capture Dara, who was one of the most untrusting cats amongst the cats. When we moved to our house in the village, Dara used the first opportunity to escape with Pinky. After they hid for a few days, they showed up in front of the house, but they didn’t want to go in, they ran away and hid every time we tried to catch and take them in. We were feeding them, but they preferred to stay outside and sleep in the nearby barns, which wasn’t alarming at first – the village is much quieter that the city and both cats were spayed and vaccinated. Until, Dara disappeared on New Year’s Eve, we found her the following day in a horrible condition, hidden in a building. Even though, she was barely moving, she managed to escape and hide again, but we managed to catch her on the following day. Her back foot was smashed and the other one couldn’t move and she couldn’t step on it. It turned out, it was out of the joint and she had to undergo an operation, where an implant was placed in. We hoped that the smashed foot will get better, but it turned out that it needed an operation, because a lot of the skin was missing, it wasn’t healing, and it needed to be amputated. It needed skin graft, where the doctors used skin from her back. Both surgeries were expensive, but we managed to collect 2000lv and both feet were saved. Now Dara can have a healthy life thanks to the doctors of the Central Clinic in Sofia and all the people who donated money. In the past, she was wild and anti-social, but around all the issues, the surgeries and the bandages, she became more social and lets us pet her now. We hope that soon, she’ll become even more social and ready to be adopted. For this reason, we are looking for an appropriate foster home, where she can receive enough attention and spend more time among humans. If anyone wants Dara to become their pet, she can be adopted as well. If you want to foster or adopt Dara, please let us know!