In the spirit of the typical Bulgarian thinking the old and unnecessary dogs are just left and forgotten somewhere to die or for someone else to take them. The most preferred places for that are a main road out of town, somewhere inside the town or in some village, but in most cases people are not so concerned about the place itself, they usually choose a place that’s unknown for the dog and far away enough for the dog to not come back home, so that they won’t need to spend more time and energy getting rid of it. We also observe the pattern that people tend to get rid of their dogs mostly around big celebration days, like Easter for example.
This year our Easter dog is Lobo. His owner decided to get rid of him on the road between two villages, Devene and Tri Kladentsi, close to Vratsa, but poor Lobo didn’t realize that he was left behind and waited for days for someone to come back for him…
After we made sure that no one who’s working or living nearby is taking care of Lobo and that he’s indeed left behind, we had to try and rescue him. He has been through a lot- he was abandoned, skinny, in bad condition but he’s feeling better now. He not only health and with normal weight, but also got vaccinated, microchopped and spayed, very sociable and nice dog, so he’s ready for a permanent home.
Lobo is looking for a PERMANENT home!
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