This is Diego ❤ He's been through a lot lately: he was hit by a car, or was kicked, he was given to the vet clinic for euthanasia and survived a surgery but now he is at his permanent home looking for someone who will eventually like him and take him to a place where he [...]


Nia is ready to looking for a home!

On 07/07/2018, one of us found Nia abandoned on the road to Chiren by a soulless person. She was at a street leading towards God’s bridge, a traditional place to abandon animals by the locals… She was alone, dying from starvation and horror, dehydrated and almost given up on life. She was full of fleas; [...]

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We found Murry is a gurl! Her new name is Kei!

Until recently, we thought that Kei is a male cat, who is not developing fast enough. We know him since he was a baby and he always looked like a boy… Until he was in heat… Then we figured out that he was a female. She is already spayed and has a new name. She [...]

We found Murry is a gurl! Her new name is Kei!2018-03-09T18:28:29+00:00

Malek is already castrated and start to looking for forever home!

Malek is already castrateda and he start to looking for permanent home! Malek (Tiny) was abandoned with dermatitis out of a village, close to a concrete plant. Even though we tried to explain that dermatitis is not dangerous or contagious for people and other dogs, he was chased away and threatened with murder. We searched [...]

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Dara`s story

When we first met Dara, she was living behind an apartment building in Vratsa along with a few other female cats. All of them already had kittens. Some of the people from the building liked them and were feeding them, however, that was it – food thrown at cats from the balconies, without taking them [...]

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We sent Amy to England but besides the great news there is another one which is not good- we took Fannie to a vet examination and it turned out she really has a problem with her back legs ???? She proved she is very agile while she was on different mountain trips together with her foster [...]