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Such a sweet kitty which desperately needs forever home.

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Marco is such a lovely creation, isn`t he?

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Pitty is playful, fun and cute kitty who loves cuddling.

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Such a sweeta nd lovable cat wich deserve a love, adopter and cozy home!

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Calm and nice doggy who loves eating, walks and sleeping.

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Salsa is a big, soft and sociable cat which loves human attention and caressing.

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Cute shy calico cat which looking for a home so long.

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Very cute and lovable dog! He is seeeking for attention, love and funny walks!

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Her character is more than wonderful – social, energetic, happy, and loves all people and dogs of al

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She is a great dog, ready to be your pet! She is smart, social and good and gets attached easily.

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Socialized well with other dogs, people, kids. Very huggable and sweet!

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Nice and sweet young cat which can`t wait to be someone`s pet!

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Playful and so cute River still looking for a permanent home!

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Jujka is such a sweet and lovable cat!

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Tyra is playful, lovable and smart dog, loves attention and cuddling. Will be a great pet!

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She is social, playful, and smart, with extremely soft fur – she’s such a cutie.

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Whoever adopts him will have a lovely pet! Such a smart, nice and kind dog!

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Rimo is an incredibly smart and charming dog, which craves his own home and person!

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He’s extremely energetic, smart and good! Loves people’s company being petted and paid attention to.

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Bradey is still on the street! He is waiting for his savior and chanse for good of home pet.

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Aya is very cute, playful and smart kitty. She loves to sleep her foster mum arms.

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Loves human attention and hugs, lie under the sun and eating- he has а great appetite.

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Kally is smart and beautiful cat with interesting fur so-called tortoise color. She loves cuddling!

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She loves human attention and company; she loves walks and games.

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Will anyone fall in love with this beautiful young dog, who looks like a baby wolf?

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Bruno is just lovely dog! Little bit shy, very intelligent, smart and good.

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She is very cute, playful and sociable <3

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He has a nice character, loves to be hugged, and is calm and slow. He walks perfectly on a leash.

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She has the potential to be a loved and spoiled pet, as long as someone notices her!

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Raya is smart, charming and playful, with the cutest little pink nose and soft fur.

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Stella is one of the most gentle and kind cats we have seen. She's always ready for cuddling!

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Франческа е красива, умна и мила котка. Ще е страхотен домашен любимец!

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She need a foster parent or adopter who will give her home and a lot of love. Please help!

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Brandy is just incredible puppy with a lot of love for giving! She looking for forever home.

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Hana is a loving dog, sweet, and smart. She adores human attention, petting, and hugs.

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He loves to be hugged and loved, but also to go into the nature and enjoy the view and the long walk

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Malek is incredibly cute! He is very short, but has a large full of love dog heart!

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Lisa is great dog, she is sociable, loves human company, attention and hugs.

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Look at me- I`m so cute and good baby!

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Mimi`s fur is silky soft, her tail is charming short, her mouth is so cute!

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There's nothing extraterrestrial in him except his vast goodness and trust in people.

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Katy is cute teddy bear who loves hugs and attention!

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Jimmy is fine doggy- he is sociable, lovind, kind smart and very charming with his sweet ears and be

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Snoopy is little shy but very good and cute dog. He loves to run and play with other dogs.

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Lady is shy, quiet, good and very charming dog.

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Lizzy is incredibly sociable and lovable, she adores hugs and having humans around.

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Bruno is great dog with lovely soul.

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Sara wait so long! She is nice dog, please adopt her!

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Charlie waiting his adopter to appear, hug and take him home!
Charlie is young, nice and sociable.

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Brie craves human attention and caress. Loves to run and play with other dogs.

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Charming and sociable doggy who desperatelly seeking for human attention and dreaming for home.

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Funny, playful and sociable doggy, he is absolutelly perfect for pet and best friend!

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Sociable, merry, kind and playful doggy. She craves human attention and caress.

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Sweet, social and well behaved, but at the same time, she's playful and happy.

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Whitey is a good and kind doggy, socializes well with other dogs.

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Poncho is sociable but scared in the begining, good, little timed and very charming.

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Energetic and kind, loves to run and play with other dogs.

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Hera is quiet, smart and very lovable dog.

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Sunny is very sociable and cute boy who adores human attention and playing with other cats.

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Fannie is amazing dog- very good, loving, playful, with amazingly expressive eyes.

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Social, likes to hug and love! He adores human attention and company; he gets along well with people

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Amy is social and kind, loves human company and cuddling. She is very cute with silky soft fur.

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